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Monday, 29 June 2015

Datsun Go

New Car Datsun Go

Designed to go
As our cars are distinctive icon of the bands, we made sure to be long-lasting, easy and effortless in our design. Long life to its attraction does not wear over time, but grows. Simple you will immediately recognize that it is modernity through his sharp bold lines. And without effort, no one has to explain his style, but to feel it and feel when you see one.
Driven To GO
The power train is specifically designed to suit the local environment, eliminating any stress or complexity of the bands coming out. And besides, lightweight body, designed specifically-GO makes the Datsun both responsive and responsible.

Space to go
In creating ample space, the conventional way is taking away. But Datsun GO, we saw differently. Instead of stripping things away, we change the joystick parking brake and gear shift to create more space in the front row. With that extra space when necessary. This is just one example of how we realize modern solutions.
Music on the GO
Why have a music player for your car only when you have all your favorite songs on your device? With mobile docking station, just use the device used in the GO Datsun just like how you would at home. Now that is being built with your lifestyle in mind.

Datsun GO Details
·        5 door hatchback
·        5 seats
·        Motor 1.2L
·        5-speed manual transmission
·         Base Mobile
·         From 3.23 lakh Indian rupees
·         Below 100 million Indonesian Rupiah

·         Competitive cost of ownership


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