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Monday, 15 December 2014

Brief Description of New Technologies useful in Human Life.

Brief Description of New Technologies useful in Human Life.

Technology is in the process of changing day by day, which had affected the society. Now a day’s technology is playing a vital role in humans life, from morning to evening every person is addicted to different kinds of electronic items without which no one can able to  lead a comfortable life. On the bases of technology each and every equipment is designed and created, every day new products are introduced in to the market and companies are upgrading the products which are already in the market, for every product there are different types of companies emerges in the market with different features. New inventions are taking place in all industries. Now a days the young engineers are coming of the collages and creating wonders in the industries by developing technology and inventing different kind of products and upgrading them according to the needs and preference of the consumers.
New technologies in Electronics: -

Technology is developing very fast in electronic industry, earlier we used to listen the music through gramophone which was invented by Thomas Edison in the year 1877. As the time passed technology improved and Tape recorder with radio feature  has come in to the market and music in recorded in to the cassette and the same is inserted into the tape recorder for listening the music, after that cd players and presently pen drive are used in place of Cassettes and CDs in the music player. Technology has vastly improving with a jet speed like vise Televisions are changed into black and white to Colour TVs into flat TVs again into LCD and presently led technology is booming in the market the picture clarity is very much improved and also the sound clarity is also improved some the television companies are more popular in the market which are Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG etc.
New Technology in Agriculture: -

Agriculture is an activity which changes the environment for cultivation of crops for lively hood and animal and plants are included in agriculture. In olden days the farmer used a plough for cultivating the crop and now a days, we have modern machinery are available in market for example instead of plough now we are using a tractors for cultivating the crop and we have bore wells instead of traditional wells. We are using different kind of hybrid seeds and fertilizers to cultivate the crops more efficiently to get good results.
New Technology in Business: -

New ideas are implemented in to the business by using new technologies, there are n number of competitors coming in to the markets. Most of the entrepreneurs are using modern technologies to sustain in the market. Industries are manufactures new products according to the taste and preferences of the consumers. If a product is introduced into the market by x company and the same product is introduce with extra features in a short span.

New Technologies in Computer Science:-

In the present scenario there is race between human and emerging technology. Most of the human problems are solved by the tools , in every once life intelligence department is using modern technology for controlling the crime and saving the country from the terrorists and with the help of finger prints we are catching the culprits with the help of modern technology.

New Technology in Mobile Phone: -

Telephone is one of most important way of communicate with others, which was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. In present generations telephones use is decreased and usage of mobile phones has been increased because, one can easily contact with familyand friends.The modern features of mobile phones had increased the usage from rich to poor man every person is using the mobiles for the communicating with others. The mobile technology is developing day by day with modern features and affordable by common man, some of the features are like Dual Sim facility, Touch screen ,internet facility many more . Present there is a boom for Smart mobile phones in mobile markets due to it features.

New Technology Computers: -

Computers had become most important gadget in humans life, most of the information is shared with the help of computer. Form common person to rich person everyone is addicted to computers because anybody can know the information about anything in fraction of seconds, previously we were using postal system to send the message but now a days computers and mobile phones are playing important role in this process. We can send and receive messages in few seconds anywhere in the world, we can share videos, photos and many more with help of computers. The latest technology in computer has been improved and the laptops are been used, which are convenient and has free mobility and handy.

New Technology in Healthcare: - 

The Hospitals are using modern technology for surgeries, for curing many deadly diseases in the world. The doctors can complete the operations faster, and giving effective care for the patients and these changes had arisen because of development in technology. The technology is reached to the stage that an artificial heart can be transplanted to the patient for his survival. Now a days stem cells are used to cure many diseases and those stem are stored and used to the person and his entire family for curing diseases.